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Welcome to CRUSE Digital Imaging Equipment in U.S.

CRUSE is the world leading supplier of innovative and customized solutions for high professional equipment recording/digitalizing originals of nearly every size in premium quality.

Reprographic Designs has been the U.S. dealer since 1989.

CRUSE scanners are undoubtedly superior to the photography of large size originals, thanks to their image capture with a linear CCD in strictly controlled light conditions and with consistent sharpness, homogenous light exposure and consistent reproduction angle. Cruse is constantly developing new products and does extend research in new areas to meet the needs of all clients.  

Founded in 1979 and located in Rheinbach, Germany (near Bonn and Cologne), CRUSE has a long and successful history in making top of the line professional photography equipment. CRUSE scanners offer new standards in digitization and all the quality you can expect from a German engineer. All these effort sensure your utmost satisfaction when you select CRUSE.  

For these reasons CRUSE scanners have been chosen by decor companies all over the world, the Getty Foundation, The Pentagon, the Vatican’s  Secret Archives in Rome, Italy, the Topkapi Palace Museum in Istanbul, Turkey and NASA’s Johnson Space Center in Houston, TX, as well as the Chinese Government for scanning its enormous collection of archeological finds.  

Because words are limited describing the uniqueness, the wide range of usage, and the unmatched quality of CRUSE scanners, we invite you to contact us, to order brochures or to make an appointment to learn about the CRUSE product line, see examples of our scanning, printing or other services.

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